My Name is Cheronne

the visionary behind Rockstar Mosaics. As the founder, creator, and designer of all the art gracing these pages, I bring a unique blend of talents to each and every piece. My innate ability to perceive and work with colours is nothing short of a gift, while my profound fascination with rocks and crystals fuels my creative fire.

The miraculous synergy that occurs when these two passions intertwine, results in creations that glisten like radiant stars. With every tessera, I infuse a dash of whimsy and an overflowing vat of love into each mosaic. This infusion is the secret behind the divine beauty that emanates from my work.

But it doesn’t stop there. I complement my artistic vision with artisanal skill, meticulously crafting every piece to perfection. The result? A treasured heirloom that’s not just an accessory but a masterpiece; destined to grace your jewellery collection with its unparalleled charm.